The Price Talent Agency is here to do four things: Plan, Produce, Promote, and Promise. We can do them one at a time, or in any order. But, I guarantee, we’ll do at least one of them at some point before you finish checking out this site.

My Client Wall – become an exclusive member of a list that is open to everyone. Click Talent Submissions and enter your name and email. Wondrous things can come from such a simple act.

Suggestions regarding the Jeremiah box… keep them to yourself. Or, better yet, order My Life as a Sperm  to be able to truly understand what I mean (click on Order Your Copy).

Also be sure to check out the Literary section. That’s very important, I promise.

(See, I did what I said I would do – I made you a promise!)

Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@AgentBuddyPrice), too.

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